Di Sana Project

During my Asialink Residency at the end of 2013 the Di Sana project was launched through a research initiative with the creative community of Yogyakarta called Creative Encounters and Adventures. Each participant was given a key and asked to metaphorically ‘open the doors of Yogyakarta’ to let outsiders experience the city through their eyes.Each participant came up with their own idea and I assisted by producing their work so that their idea came to fruition. For some individuals this was their first time exhibiting or working on a creative endeavour. We worked collaboratively, but first and foremost I was a faciliator and producer.

Woven together, these explorations commenced a narrative mapping and www.disanaproject.com was launched with these stories. The Di Sana Project website is a bilingual site and each project can be read in both English and Indonesian. My intention was to create an online platform for dialogue, participation and collaboration between artists across India, Indonesia and Australia. Then as more and more stories were added, the website would hopefully become a ‘living’ archive of people, places, community and culture across India, Indonesia and Australia.

There were two types of story projects:

1. Participatory – These story projects call for the viewer to respond and post their own stories through social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

2. Archival – These story projects don’t necessarily need the viewer’s response, but they were a documentation of a location, community, place or experience. The Di Sana Project aimed to forge a virtual trade route by initiating an online creative exchange of stories, experiences, research and reflection.  The website intends to be a virtual repository for creative projects that explore culture and identity and invite participation and responses from other individuals. The final goal of the program was an Interactive/Participatory Art Practice between India, Indonesia and Australia.

This project was put on hold when my father became gravely ill and one day in the future I hope to take it up again. Until then, you can check out the website below as a documentation of the project to date. I would like to thank all the staff at Cemeti Art House for being wonderful hosts!!

Kieren Sanderson – Original Concept and Producer