Ideas Incubator

The Ideas Incubator launched an ideas space and network where professionals from a range of disciplines could collaboratively investigate how the arts can be used to re-imagine people’s lived relationships with ‘place’, ‘community’ ‘culture’ and ‘the environment’.

Participants had the opportunity to imagine, design and plan projects that gave expression to multiple local knowledge and new energy to the way public space was thought about, used and developed in Alice Springs.

Conceived in consultation with the Art~Land~Culture consortium, The Ideas Incubator aimed to affect perceptions of art, nature, and how we live and work together on this planet, to encourage critical debate and excellence and internationalise perspectives and strategies relevant to the desert regions.

The Ideas Incubator launched Art~Land~Culture into the public sphere with intention of encouraging direct community involvement in planning for the future. Central to the formation of Incubator outcomes was the intention to express local knowledge and a key notion informing the entire project was human ecology – an individual’s relationship with their cultural, social and economic, as well as natural, environment.

Kieren Sanderson – Producer