Creative Direction and Producer

I heart Bagot Festival 2014

The Bagot Community’s urban location commands interest and intrigue. Regarded variously as a place in need of development, a place for long grassers, a place of ill health, trouble and crime, a place to go fishing and hunt, a place that used to thrive, a place where inspiring land rights activists used to live – Bagot holds many conflicted lives and meanings.

For many years, the residents at Bagot felt that they had to protect their community. Politicians and media were often reporting on the community.

I was timely for the residents of Bagot to feel proud of their community and I Heart Bagot Festival explored two principal concepts – home and reciprocity.

Home can mean so many different things to different people. Reciprocity is a universal human quality that is uniquely shaped by cultural practices; reciprocity is a valued exchange. This Festival tried to create a space for everyone. To be as every home should be, an intimate space and a safe place for families and children to be, where people could begin conversations and friendships and sit under the trees and chat.

I worked with the Bagot Community Council and various groups in Bagot to create a Festival with the community. Together we decided to use a house in Bagot and open it to the public as a gallery and space to share stories and a cuppa during the Festival.

Visitors could meet the elders of Bagot, sit under a tree and have a cuppa. There was also a self guided History walk which was audio tour.

 Read Dr Bill Day’s history of Bagot.

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