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Shifting Ground

Shifting Ground – 21 days of Art and Performance across Alice Springs 2007

Shifting Ground was a large-scale arts program that presented 58 artists from Alice Springs, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Israel in a multi artform festival in Alice Springs.


The theme of the program was to link people to art, land and culture, responding to the arid lands on a physical, social and cultural level, telling stories of people and place and exploring sustainability and ecology.

The program included visual art exhibition and public art interventions, contemporary live music and experimental sound installations, site specific installations, spoken word, literature, live performance, video installations and contemporary dance. 

All of the artworks were ‘embedded’ in sites Alice Springs across 13 venues, including empty shops, an abandoned quarry site, claypans, the Olive Pink Botanical Gardens, the Alice Springs Library book shelves, suburban laneways and the Airport baggage claim.

A public program which ran concurrently included workshops, artist talks and a book launch. Artist Talks and workshops facilitated discussions where audiences were able to engage critically with artists from varied disciplines.

Art – Land – Culture Consortium

In 2007 I convened the Art~Land~Culture consortium which included individuals, community centres, local enterprise, indigenous organisations, government agencies and art organisations.

The underlying precept was that sustainable development is inextricably linked to the cultural life of a community.

Art~Land~Culture projects aimed to raise awareness and inspire visions of sustainable social, environmental and creative practices with both contemporary and traditional art events, forums, educational activities and youth activities.

A number of projects were seeded by the consortium but not all of them found funding or took root. Two of the projects, I produced as Art – Land – Culture projects were the Ideas Incubator and Shifting Ground.

Image Gallery

A performance installation by Daphne Yalon, earth based artist from Israel. Photos by Elad Rabinovich.

Tread Lightly installation by Pam Lofts at Alice Springs Desert Park exhibition.

China solar light installation at the Ilparapa claypans by Richard Thomas, Victoria,

Shifting Ground delivered 7 exhibitions at the following venues. Araluen Art Gallery hosted two exhibitions. The major Shifting Ground Exhibition and Boots and All a solo show from Deborah Clarke.

Other venues includes Watch This Space Inc, Alice Springs Desert Park, Reg Harris Lane empty shop spaces, Olive Pink Botanical Gardens,  and the airport.

This image is from the opening of INHABITED by Jessie Boylan and Bilbo Taylor

Inhabited gives a face to the people most directly impacted by nuclear developments in Australia, but whose voices are the least heard.

Image of Kevin Buzzacott

Shifting Ground featured local Indigenous artists Mervyn Rubuntja, Kay Willis (NT – Indigenous, Lynette Williams,, Janie Nelson, Noel Ross, Billy McKenzie, Paul Solomon and MK Turner.

Cleaning Country exhibition by Franca Barraclough

Installation by Adrienne Kneebone

This exhibition was the beginning of Arlene Textaqueen’s Naked Landscapes Series.

Naked Landscapes

Installation by Leonardo Ortega

Under Today , collaboration between Canberra-based media artist Alexandra Gillespie and animateur, writer and director Dani Powell

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Boots & All,  solo exhibition by Deborah Clarke