Collaborative project with Binky!


YarnHeart was a project that aimed to connect people and communities across Australia to Bagot Community I Heart Bagot Festival in 2014. I teamed up with the Binky and we co-devised this participatory project which encouraged people of all ages to reflect on what they were grateful for and handmade a heart and send it to Bagot Community in Darwin.

We want to connect your community to Bagot community through sharing a simple symbol of happiness and talking about the things we love in the places we live.

We believe these simple acts can connect us, heart-to-heart, to our shared experiences as human beings.

Crochet a heart, knit a heart, felt a heart, sew a heart together! Pop it in the mail and tell us what you’re grateful for in your community!

In exchange, you will receive a portrait from a Bagot Community member featuring your very own heart, with their personal grateful message.